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Machine Learning Ops Roundup
Why is machine learning in the "real world" so difficult? Bringing together the best articles, news and papers about MLOps
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The Polymerist
An examination of how the modern world is built on chemistry and polymers while also keeping readers up to date on recent events
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I write a weekly newsletter about the future & history of work, cities, and finance. My insights have been featured in The New York Times, WSJ, FT, NBC, etc.
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Supercalifragilistic hunts the best tech products so you don’t have to. Each edition is a deep dive into a single product. I’ll explain why it’s useful and why using it is fun.
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Import AI is a weekly newsletter about artificial intelligence, read by more than ten thousand experts.
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weekly e-mail roundup of css articles, tutorials, experiments and tools curated by Zoran Jambor
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A newsletter of JavaScript articles, news and cool projects
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Disclosing Growth is a newsletter that focuses on learning what the best and most innovative companies in the world do differently that makes them better than everyone else. This newsletter will allow you to connect the dots faster and have key learnings from these companies so that you can implement them in your own company.
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A weekly advice column about product, growth, working with humans, and anything else that’s stressing you out at the office. Paid subscribers get the weekly edition, everyone else gets about one email a month.
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The newsletter includes a summary of developments in automated decision-making with a focus on Europe, as well as a selection of research and opinion pieces. It might also include information about AlgorithmWatch's events and internal developments.
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Avoid Boring People
Something surprising about finance and tech to help you avoid boring people monthly
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Seedtable is a newsletter on European technology that goes out every Friday. I transform hundreds of hours of research into industry reports and company deep-dives you can digest in 5 minutes.
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Where women in tech lead, shape and fund the future.
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Remote Leaf
Everyday we handpick personalised remote opportunities for you that are fit to you based on your skills and location from over 60+ remote job boards. Finding your next remote job has never been so easy.
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Better Explained
If you like the blog, you’ll enjoy the email list too. I’ll be sharing the insights & techniques that took me from β€œhuh?” to β€œaha!” on topics in math, programming, and communication.
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The Gradient Newsletter
Overviews on cutting-edge AI research and perspectives on the direction of the field.
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Daily Bitcoin bounties for tasks & tutorials. Earn crypto for completing tasks and tutorials. Join a community of technological progressives.
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The Mad Ned Nemo
The Mad Ned Memo covers the development of computer technology over the past 40 years to the present day, from someone who has been there through it all. Stories and commentary on the early years of the microprocessor and home computer, the gaming revolution from arcade to mobile platform, hardware and software hacking adventures, and the titanic and sometimes strange shifts in technology that we’ve seen in our lives.
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Universal Sci Weekly
Providing you with Interesting news stories about worldwide scientific endeavors
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The Kurzweil Library
Featuring Ray’s key writings, resources β€” and a digest of posts about the world of tomorrow. Stories about breakthroughs in science, tech, and progress; Writings about the ideas + predictions envisioned in his books;
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